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Ginger and Snow

A Roleplaying Game Set in the Harry Potter Universe

Ginger and Snow RPG
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Ginger and Snow is a role-playing game set in the Harry Potter Universe. It's not about Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny...no, not really. ginger_and_snow is about the minor characters in the world of Harry Potter...actually, a few specific minor characters.

What characters, you ask? Well, the characters who are known for their ginger or snow-colored hair, of course. Thus our name, ginger_and_snow.

The ginger part is well-represented by the Weasleys, not so much Ron and Ginny, as they get so very much attention naturally, well, being who they are...but the other Weasleys...the brothers and parents and others...

And well, the snow part is embodied by the most beautiful and mesmerizing race in the entire magical world, the Veela...with their snow-colored hair and oh-so-pale skin...the sisters and mothers of an ancient people steeped in mystery and tradition.

Ginger and Snow...and those treasured few who love and are loved by those born with the blood red passion and the icy pure fire of the Weasleys and the Delacours.

Welcome to ginger_and_snow...

gns_scenes is the place where characters interact, the place where all the multiple character scenes from multiple character points of view take place. After a scene occurs it is announced here, at ginger_and_snow and then linked to the scene. All ginger_and_snow characters post their entries to their character journals. Then after posting an entry, the character announces his or her post right here at ginger_and_snow too. All scenes and posts are accessible and can be read from one place, right here! How convenient! You can join this community or simply watch it if you so choose. After reading, if you have a comment, whether it be praise or constructive criticism, you can post your comment right here at ginger_and_snow. Anonymous posting has been turned off so you can take credit for your compliments or concrits. Flames will be doused. Enjoy the show...